Summary of Sermon preached on Sunday, January 10, 2021

Introduction:  Summary of Sermon preached on Sunday, January 10, 2021

This sermon talks about Angels.  Angels are part of the Holy Spirit just like the elect spirits are part of God.  It means Angels are similar to us.  They have eternal life as they do not die just like we have eternal life.  In heaven, we will be like the Angels.  Angels were created to minister to us who have salvation.


Summary of Sermon preached on Sunday, January 10, 2021

We listened to a sermon titled “The Angels of Lights”, CD # 1171, preached by Brother Neal Frisby on 8/23/87 (AM).

In the sermon, Brother Frisby said:

The great Angel of light is the Lord Jesus.

God’s Angels are full of lights.

The Lord does not really need Angels as He can do everything by Himself.  He created Angels to give some else life.  Wherever the Angels are, He is there also, working with them.

The Lord has billions and billions of Angels; He has innumerable number of Angels.

The Lord can appear as billions of Angels.  He is infinite.

He speaks and creates Angels whenever He wants.

The Angels of lights are watching this planet.

God’s Angels give warnings.  They appeared before the flood to Noah.  Sodom and Gomorrah had warnings from Angels.

Angels are there to show His authority.

Angels are giving warning at this end of age that Christ is coming soon.

Angels travel much faster than the speed of light.

The Lord is quicker than your prayers.

Angels can appear and disappear.

Angels guide you.

Where you have faith, power, miracles and the word of God, the Angels of God are there.

Angels patrol the earth; they are the eyes of God.

They come and go like flashes of light.

They will be numerous just before judgment falls upon the earth, just before translation as we get closer to the tribulation.

Angels are with us at the time of translation.

There are different types of Angels; you have trumpet Angels; you have the vial Angels.

Angels are warning do not go into the Antichrist system.

Angels are warning do not worship Jesus in conjunction with Mary.

The Lord Jesus is the only name to be worshipped.

Angels work with the Holy Spirit; they are part of the Holy Spirit and only obey the Lord Jesus.

Never limit the Lord and always believe that He has more power than you can believe for.

Angels are right around the power gifts and the other gifts.

Angels restore things.

Angels provide miracles of supply.

The God Angel appears as the Angel of the Lord.  In different works, He can send an Angel, instead of Him appearing as the Angel of the Lord.

To Abraham, He appeared with two Angels (Genesis Chapter 18).

Angels protect little children.

Angels shine, they glow, they appear in bright clothing.

Some of the Angels have wings.  We have the Cherubims and Seraphims.  They are special types of Angels and have eyes all around them.  They say “Holy, Holy, Holy” to the Lord (Revelation Chapter 4 and Isaiah Chapter 6).  They are in the inner circle of the Lord, close to where He sits on the throne.

Satan was the Angel that covereth and had wings before he fell (Ezekiel Chapter 28).

Angels are full of light; they are lights.

They can appear as men (Genesis Chapter 19).

The Angel of the Lord encampeth round about them that fear the Lord (Psalm 34: 7).

The Lord Jesus said He could call on twelve legions of Angels (Matthew 26: 53).

As the Lord was creating on the earth, with His infinite eyes, He could see billions of Angels as He was both in heaven and on earth at the same time.

Angels can minister to you and strengthen your physical body.

The Angel of the Lord cooked a meal for Elijah (1 Kings Chapter 19).

Angels can bring a message from God to you.

The Holy Spirit oversees the Angels.

Angels will be seen more at this end of time.

Angels rejoice when sinners repent and come to the Lord.  When Angels see that people are on fire for the Lord, they begin to rejoice among the children of the Lord and causing God’s children to rejoice.

The spiritual joy of the Angels will be felt before the translation.

The Lord overshadows the Angels.

The Lord is the giver of life.

Angels put a separation between the Lord and you when He does not want to come directly to you as the Angel of the Lord.  He will then send Angels to you.

Angels carry the righteous to paradise at death (Luke 16:  22).

Paul had a guardian Angel and was not affected when he was bitten by a viper (Acts Chapter 28).

Angels can fight Satan for you.

Angels can inspire you to do certain things during church service; they can inspire you to say “Holy” to the Lord Jesus.

The Lord is the Capstone Angel over all Angels.

Angels can appear as a flame.  The Lord Himself appeared in the burning bush to Moses (Exodus Chapter 3).

There are 20,000 of the fiery looking Angels (Psalm 68: 17).

Elisha had chariots of fire surrounding him (2 Kings 6: 17).

There will be an increase of Angels around the people of God as we get closer to the translation.

Angels are here to comfort us at the end of time as we see more turmoil in the world, storms, famine, droughts as we get closer to the coming of the Lord.

We will see billions of infinite colors in heaven.

When we are in heaven, we will be like the Angels.

Angels guide you to the name of the Lord Jesus.

Angels are not omniscient, they are not omnipresent and they are not omnipotent as the Lord.

They are not everywhere at the same time, just like Satan is not everywhere at the same time.  They must come and go.  Only the Lord Jesus is everywhere at the same time.

The Lord dwells in a form of fire that no man, no Angel can approach (1 Timothy 6: 16).  The Lord will appear to you and to the Angels in a form that can be seen.

Angels gather God’s people and unites them at the end.

They will throw out the net, sit down and pick out the elect of the Lord at the end of the age.

I read from Scroll # 120:

THE REVELATION OF THE ANGELS IN GOD’S KINGDOM – Ps. 99: 1, “The Lord reigneth:  let the people tremble:  he sitteth between the cherubims; let the earth be moved.” – “Tremendous power! – The Eternal Monarch sits in between the cherubims overshadowed by the seraphims (beautiful glowing lights).  – Even His throne is shrouded in mystery, but He reveals it to us by revelation; and without spiritual insight one from the natural would never understand it!”  . . . “There is much more to it than even what the prophets revealed. – But first let us consider the angels in their positions.  God’s kingdom is a spiritual one, a literal government of order and authority.  Each created angel has its specific task of order, authority and administration!” – “The cherubims in God’s kingdom are the guardian messengers of the Throne!” (Rev. 4:6-8) –  In a moment we will reveal that they also take flight with the Lord! (Ezek. 1:13, 24-28) – “The seraphims within the Throne rank among the highest of the 9 or 10 orders of angels!  – They are priestly like, who, in the Temple of Heaven, direct universal worship to the Creator!”  – Isa. 6: 1-7, Verse 2, “reveals these heavenly beings cover their face and feet with wings and fly.  These stand above Him!”  – Evidently at times the whole view of the Throne is pulsating and moving as creative and vibrant in eternal living! . . . “There is never any weariness, tiredness or dissatisfaction; they are never bored!  . . . They need no rest! (Rev. 4:8) – Neither do the seraphims or any of the angels need rest! . . . The cherubims are indeed strange little angels; they have eyes of light round about them as probably the seraphims do! . . . They are known as the burning ones! . . . It is also possible that their form changes when they move!” (Ezek. 10:9-10)

THE UNIVERSAL KINGDOM – “These angels are messengers of God in His never-ending kingdom!  Probably the seraphims and cherubims have individual names known only to God.  And we know of only three among the angelic order that are named; these are archangels.  We have Michael, Gabriel and, of course, the fallen one, Lucifer, called the light bearer  – son of the Morning!  – “Now Jesus is the angel of the Lord, the greatest of Archangels, the Bright and Morning Star, creator of the angels!  (St. John, chap. 1) – Read 1 Thess. 4: 16 – God, the Archangel!”

THE NATURE AND POSITION OF OTHER ANGELS – “Now angels do not die.  (Luke 20: 36) – Neither do they age!  The angel seen at Christ’s resurrection was called a young man, but evidently was ageless or trillions of years old!  (Mark 16: 5) – Angels are not omniscient like God.  They actually don’t know the exact time of the Translation until it is given! – Some angels are organized into legions! (Matt. 26: 53) – They are interested in the conversion of sinners! . . . The elect will be introduced to the angels! (Luke 12: 8) – Angels minister around Christ! . . . Angels are guardians of God’s little ones! . . . They carry righteous at death to Paradise!” (Luke 16: 22) – Angels gather together the elect at Jesus’ coming! – They sever the righteous from the wicked! . . . They execute judgment on the wicked! . . . Angels are ministering spirits to the redeemed!” (Heb. 1: 14) – “One other thing, the heavenly angels do not marry.  (Matt. 22: 30)


I read from Scroll # 154:

WHAT ABOUT THE ANGELS?  – “They are a fascinating part of God’s kingdom and they do their duties well!  They are the princes of heaven who stand before God!  They are also ministering spirits to those who are heirs of salvation!” – Rev. 5: 11, “implies that there are hundreds of millions of angels! . . . Angels are immortal and they do not die! (Luke 20: 36) – Angels are spoken of in the masculine gender! . . . They are said to be innumerable!” (Heb. 12: 22) – “There are different types and various orders of angels!  Perhaps we can write more on this in a moment! . . . But right now the reason the spirit is revealing this is because of the nature of the coming of world events and crises, more angels are going to intervene and be dispersed upon the earth!  Because the Lord is going to raise up a standard against
satan’s onslaught and protect God’s children preparing the translation!’

DIVINE PROVIDENCE – “Angels will have a direct hand in uniting and gathering the elect!  The lives of Christians would be in serious jeopardy if angels were not watching over them!”  (Ps. 91: 11-12) – “People often see their lights coming and going in the heavens, but they can not explain it!” – “It is a warning to us that this is the end of the age! – World crisis . . . my feeling is that the future is pointing to radical changes in the climate!  And because of the over population of the earth, famines and etc., it will lead to political – economical upheaval and international violence and will be almost beyond human comprehension!” – “Then finally a world dictator will rise to power through revolutions and etc., promising the people a solution!  A fantasy world that works briefly then fails!” – “At this time certain angels will be present as guardians to the elect!  And also just before the translation a multitude of angels will be working with the Lord’s people!  Because just before the rising of the anti-christ angels will even be seen more often; their activity is ceaseless!  Though you may not see them often, they are all around!  Angels possess a superior intelligence and bring messages to God’s people concerning the future! – Much of what happened to the Old Testament prophets will occur around God’s people just before the coming of the Lord Jesus!”

THE FUTURE –  “The earth is about to be visited by tremendous storms and some of the world’s greatest quakes will strike!  There will be so much destruction that it will look like an Atomic weapon did the destroying!  But it will be the hand of nature releasing enormous energy, because the people have rejected the only true God!” – “When divine judgment was about to fall on Sodom and Gomorrah two angels appeared to Lot at evening time (depicting our end of the age) to warn his family, and escape from the city before its overthrow!”  (Gen. 19:1) – “Also many times during these great turmoils of nature the angels protect those who are to live, and they also know those who are going to die! – In the future great crime waves are going to sweep our cities, and many good people would die if it were not for the guardian angels!”

THE GUARDIAN ANGELS – “The Scriptures teach a guardian angel watches over each human being that is born into this world!”  (Matt. 18: 10) – “When Hagar and Ishmael thought they were all alone and would perish in the wilderness the watching angel talked to them and said they would not die!” (Gen. 21: 17-19) – “Also the angels of God met Jacob at Bethel, and from that hour he became a changed man! (Gen. 28: 10-22) – Even in our age when a man has an important ministry, besides the other angels at work, he is given a special angel to guide that ministry! . . . The angel of the Lord appeared unto Moses and chose him to lead the children of Israel!” (Ex. 3: 2-12)

ANGELIC INSIGHT – “As far back as the Garden of Eden angels are mentioned!  In Eden they guarded the way of the Tree of Life! (Gen. 3: 24) – It mentions the cherubims and a flaming sword which turned in every way! – A sword that turns in every direction is a sharp wheel!  This sounds exactly like the angels who appeared in Ezek. 1: 13-14, who ran and returned as the appearance of a flash of lightning!” Ezek. 10: 3-4, 9 calls them the cherubims!” – “There are different orders of angels including seraphims, cherubims, archangels and guardian angels and etc.!”

THE BIBLE speaks of three archangels by name!  Michael, the most mysterious called the chief prince, who stands for Daniel’s people (Israel)!  At the time of the Great Tribulation he will fight for Israel and bring deliverance to them!”  – According to Dan. 12: 1-2, it appears Michael has something to do with the resurrection of the dead!  Jude 1: 9, reveals that Michael is way too much for satan to handle, and Michael blows him back concerning the elect body of Moses!” – “Another archangel is Gabriel! . . . He is mentioned by name four times!  He ranks high in the angelic order!  Seemingly he is the angel of time and change!  He explained to Daniel many important visions!  (Dan. 8: 15-17) – He appeared to Daniel concerning the famous 70th week prophecy, which told the exact time that the Messiah was coming! (Dan. 9:20-27) – Gabriel is also the time angel who appeared to Mary concerning Jesus’ birth! (Luke 1:26-31) – And just before this he appeared to Zacharias concerning the forerunner, John! In Vr. 19 the archangel simply said, I am Gabriel, that stands in the presence of God! . . . This tells us that he stands next to the Almighty and is an important messenger!” – Now the third angel is Lucifer, “the fallen one!’ “ – Through rebellion he fell from heaven!  You might say he coveted the position of Christ, who in fact is the very angel of the Lord!  And the only one who can give us eternal salvation!” – “Evidently there are many more important angels, but the Bible is silent on their names!”




THE ANGELS FLIGHT –  “The movement of angels is remarkable!  In an instant they can appear from heaven before us or from one part of the Universe to the other without passing through the rest of it!”  – “To understand these supernatural appearances we would have to compare them with thought! . . . That they did in fact travel as the speed of thought from one place to another!  They are absolutely marvelous creatures created by the Most High!”

THE ANGELS’ DUTY – “Is it a fact that certain angels carry the righteous into heaven at death? – Yes! – Let us prove it! . . . We have heard often times that people at death have seen angels around their bed and they were going to carry them into heaven! – In fact just before Stephen was martyed his face looked like the face of an angel!”  (Acts 6:15) – “Also at Jesus resurrection angels were seen!  And for a divine purpose two men dressed in white were with Jesus when He went away (Acts 1:9-11) – “But here is a good Scriptural viewpoint of this subject! . . . Jesus revealed in a parable that the rich man died and descended into the region of darkness!  No angels carried him!  But it came to pass that Lazarus, the beggar, died and was carried ‘by the angels’ into Abraham’s bosom!” (Luke 16:22-23)

ANGELS AND THE ELECT – “Men have often wondered when their bodies are glorified and changed how will they rank with the angels?  – In the world to come, the righteous are equal to angels! (Luke 20: 36) – In some respects and ways the redeemed will excel angels; for the overcomers will be the ‘very bride’ of Christ! – A privilege which is not given to angels!  There is no higher position for created beings than those in the Bride of Christ!” (Rev. 19: 7 – 9)

DESCRIPTIONS – “Probably we will not know all the orders, positions and ranks of angels and their duties until after the Translation!”  – “Let us explain a couple of more types! Isa. 6: 1-8, the seraphims are described as having three pairs (six) of wings!  They use the wings for various purposes!  To cover themselves, and as it states, to fly!”  – “Rev. 4:6-8, the cherubims (and they are called the living creatures) they have three pairs (six) of wings, they are messengers given certain responsibilities in guarding the throne of God!”  –  Ezek. 10:1, 22 and Chap. 1, “These different types of angels can appear in beautiful colors! Living colors of blue, amber, deep orange, fiery red and pure white changing into dark blues!” – “Ezekiel saw some that were like unto rainbows! . . .  They have been called the stones of fire and the burning ones who come from the presence of God!” –  “And as I said before, many angels will be sent to help God’s people and to direct the end time future!  –  So much will be occuring on the earth, the angels will be well occupied!  –  And the Holy Spirit is overshadowing all of this as He walks among His people in the Lord Jesus!”


I read from Scroll # 43:

THE CHOSEN NAME – GOD FOREKNEW US BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD! (Rev. 17: 8)  In (Rev. 2: 17) – It reads God will give His Elect a white stone and in the stone a “new name already written!”  And only you will know the name.  Hundreds of Scriptures can bare this out but it proves God foreknew His Elect and gave him a heavenly name hidden from the beginning.  And then upon the earth he was given an earthly name (Rev. 2: 17) shows that he will we given the original name also.  This definitely shows that He knows each of His Elect as personal as He does “Gabriel” His archangel!  And brothers and sisters that makes His Elect an important class of all ages!  He loves us and imprinted it in stone!  (Eph. 1: 4)  We were chosen in Him before the world!


In the sermon, I said:

Angels are part of the Holy Spirit just like the elect spirits (you are body, soul and spirit) are part of God.  It means Angels are similar to us.  They have eternal life as they do not die just like we have eternal life now through salvation and when our bodies are glorified at the time of translation, we will also live for eternity with the Lord.  We will be like the Angels.

Angels are lights – just like we will be lights when we are glorified.

Angels were created to minister to us who have salvation.  Hebrews 1: 14:  “Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?”

Angels are with us during church service where the true word of God is being preached.  They inspire you to agree in your heart with what is being preached.  The Lord Jesus is also with us during church service.  Matthew 18: 20:  “For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

Angels rejoice with us during church service and they cause God’s children to also rejoice.  The Lord also rejoices with us during church service.  Zephaniah 3: 17:  “The LORD thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing.”

Isaiah 6: 3:  “And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, is the LORD of hosts:  the whole earth is full of his glory.”  It means that there is no place on this earth where the glory of the Lord is not there.  It also means the Lord’s angels are everywhere on earth.  The Lord overshadows His angels.

The Lord Jesus is the Angel of the Lord.  Wherever His angels are, the Lord is there with them.  The Lord Himself can appear as billions of angels.  He is infinite and He can do whatever He wants.

There are angels that carry the righteous to the third heaven (paradise) at death.  Luke 16: 22:  “And it came to pass, that the beggar died, and was carried by the angels into Abraham’s bosom:  the rich man also died, and was buried”.

There will also be angels with us at the time of translation.

You have a guardian angel with you at all times.  Also, the Lord Jesus Himself is with you at all times as the Angel of the Lord.  Psalm 34: 7:  “The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them.”

Luke 1: 19:  “And the angel answering said unto him, I am Gabriel, that stand in the presence of God; and am sent to speak unto thee, and to shew thee these glad tidings.”  Angel Gabriel was talking to Zacharias and told him where he normally dwells – he stands “in the presence of God”.



Angel Gabriel dwells in the presence of God, and yet the Lord knows each of us “as personal as He does “Gabriel” His archangel!”




Josephus Oluwatoyin Thomas



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